That Taylor Swift is beautiful, isn’t a matter of discussion. Period! But all the velvet in Venice won’t save a hapless unhappy soul. And, there’s an element in Taylor that naturally wants people around her to be happy. Even though everyone goes through their cloudy days, it’s hard to find an off-color moment that says Taylor Swift is not the joyous and amiable person she exudes.

Beauty starts from within, whether you’re a 5′ 10″ with a blonde bob and bangs, cute-as-button Taylor Swift, or a 5′ 0″ nun from Albania named Mother Teresa (Vogue never had the honor of Mother Teresa on their cover, but very few, credibly doubt her celestial beauty.)

Taylor Swift Vogue May 2016



Part of what makes Taylor Swift special is she’s relatable and accessible. Whether, it’s in her music, or in her fashion style, which according to the Vogue May feature, remains little changed over the years. Describing it as “migrating from the early days of sundresses and ‘bedazzled cowboy boots’ to the vintage fifties vibe of a few years ago, to the sleeker, street-conscious look she favors now.”

And, Taylor Swift chimes in saying, “going through different phases is one of my favorite things about fashion. I love how it can mark the passage of time. It’s similar to my songs in that way—it all helps identify where I was at in different points of my life.

Vogue succinctly wraps up their observation of Taylor’s style, calling it effortlessly appropriate, and “never deliberately provocative or fad-chasing—on.”




Also in the Vogue May feature:

About going back to her childhood home in Reading, Pennsylvania for the first time since she left for Nashville at the age of 14, Taylor says,
It’s such a surreal, emotional thing.

About what she wants to do next?
I have no idea,” Taylor says, then adds “This is the first time in ten years that I haven’t known. With all of the unbelievable things that happened . . . I decided I was going to live my life a little bit without the pressure on myself to create something.”

But, she finishes, with,
I’m always going to be writing songs.”

To wrap it all up, Taylor Swift describes what a future fashion line of hers may look like,
“… I would want it to be something that was relatable and accessible and everyday. I would want it to be reflective of my style.



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