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Street Qt: Fall Fashion – Cowboys and Indians

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75 degrees in October is always welcome, summer’s little goodbye gift. For this October staple, affectionately called “Indian summer,” the ladies of New York City have decided upon western wear. This little game of “cowboys and indians” has filled the streets with brown boots and those floppy hats straight out of wardrobe on a John Wayne movie set.

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Wool hat from H&M
Camel wool ha t from H&M
Felt wool hat from H&M
Wide Brim Felt Hat from Zara
Leather Boots from H&M
Boots from H&M
Fringed Boots from H&M

Street Qt: Dazzling Turquoise

Summer’s over in New York City. But a few short weeks ago, when the sun’s rays radiated beautifully on the city’s sidewalks, this lady walked by in a dazzling turquoise sleeveless-dress.

More on the pastel side, the midriff lace details and the above-the-knee hemline give it a little edge.

Qt Qouture Street Qt Torquoise Girl-2

Shop the Look:

Forever 21: Lady Lace Fit & Flare Dress Forever 21: Lady Lace Fit & Flare Dress

Forever 21: Garden Party Skater Dress

20710331_099_f Urban Outfitters: Sparkle & Fade Knit Skater Dress



61600295_largeDorothy Perkins: Closet Turquoise Flared Belted Dress

And a few matching items…

96-327.1AShiekh Shoes: Nature Breeze Women’s Cambridge-04

product photo shootNew Balance 501 Women’s Lifestyle & Retro

Street Qt: Girl in the Hat

There she was walking up Madison Avenue in downtown New York, in the perfect summer outfit. Dressed in a sky-blueish white sleeveless dress that had the feel of cotton, she had on a straw hat and a straw crossbody purse to match. As she casually took in the view, she may well have been on vacation in the Caribbean or the Maldives.

If looking for tips on a perfect oufit for a day on an island of the sea and sun… look no further than the “girl in the hat”.

Qt Qouture Street Qt Girl in the Hat-1

Qt Qouture Street Qt Girl in the Hat-5

Qt Qouture Street Qt Girl in the Hat-3

Qt Qouture Street Qt Girl in the Hat-6

The Merengue Summer Dress at the New York Look

The New York Look boutiques are some of the most exciting places to shop for dresses in New York City. Their pieces are always relevant and fresh. Also, they never shy of appealing colors and alluring cuts.

As summer approached, in late spring, their Times Square store had this exciting statement piece on display. It’s called a merengue dress and is designed by Nanette Lepore. The color, described as punch is lightly toned, and adds to the airy feel given by the ruffles around the midriff and along the skirt.

It’s a perfect dress for a relaxed evening for the months of June and July, in New York City.

NY Look Punch Dress-9

NY Look Punch Dress-1

NY Look Punch Dress-2

NY Look Punch Dress-3

NY Look Punch Dress-4

NY Look Punch Dress-5

NY Look Punch Dress-6

NY Look Punch Dress-7

NY Look Punch Dress-8

You can shop the look here and here.

Street Qt: Happy Feet on Award Night

The quickest way to glam up any outfit, lays at a woman’s feet – her shoes.

It was award night in New york City for the Dramafever 2013 Awards. In the spring evening, happy feet came out of winter hibernation in peep-toe heels and platforms of all heights.

These blinged-out ankle-strap heels belonged to the host of the evening, the lovely actress Arden Cho.
Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Arden Cho Shoes-2

These exquisitely printed peep-toe platforms are hand-made from Thailand.
Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-13

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-14

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-4

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-6

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-12

It’s Spring! Breakout Your “Fit and Flare”, and “Skater” Dresses: The Retailers

Spring 2014, for New York retailers, is all about dresses: Fit and flare and skater dresses. The fit and flare, a hold out from the fifties, never goes out of style. It’s become more ever so slightly edgier with time, with shorter hemlines, less flare at the skirt, and more visible shoulders. However, it will forever retain its girly and feminine aura.

The skater dress, an even shorter version of the fit and flare, delves into the cutesy end of girly. And, is particularly desirous of teenage crushes.

With the right accessory, the fit and flare is versatile for any occasion, all ages and styles. Perfect for the work place, underneath a blazer and pumps, flats or boots; or with a cardigan along with sneakers or sandals for a casual outing. And most definitely, great and comfortable for girls night out and dates.

The simplicity of the dress makes it perfect for elaborate and colorful prints, as well as elegant and ornate textures and patterns.

Fit and Flare Dresses-15

Fit and Flare Dresses

Fit and Flare Dresses-3

Fit and Flare Dresses-10

Fit and Flare Dresses-8

Fit and Flare Dresses-9

Fit and Flare Dresses-7

Street Qt: Girl in Park – Vulnerable Innocence

A heat wave hit the east of coast of the U.S. this weekend in the heart of winter, and brought back memories of summer.

This past summer while walking past The Leo of The New York Public Library on 42nd Street in Manhattan, I came across this “Street Qt” gazing into the distance with a forlorn look.

Feet together, her pose was self-protective. She seemed to be trying to hold on to something slipping away, like cherished values or a vulnerable innocence.


Wearing a long maxi dress and an ethnically inspired necklace, her look was conservative. But in trying to hide her gleaming shoulders in the little black jacket, she portrayed her vulnerableness and betrayed the sentiments she was trying so hard to protect.

As a gentleman, who looked… well…, approached and took the seat next to her, it suddenly all seemed to fall into place.



I hope our “street Qt” remembers that love conquers all, and just take it a day at a time.