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5 Guests At ALICE+OLIVIA See-Now-Buy-Now Runway Show Who Could Have Been The Show

Alice + olivia By Stacey Bendet And Neiman Marcus Presents held a runway show in Los Angeles on Apri 13, for their See-Now-Buy-Now 2016 Collection.

The style of Alice + Olivia has always been defined by bold colors and intriguing designs. And, it seems some of the guests took that to heart, wearing outfits that could easily have them walking on the runway, instead of seated watching the show.

However, it was Stacey Bendet, the creative director who totally stole the show.

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Alice and Olivia’s Shimmering Fall in Soho

Alice and Olive at Soho (10 of 19)
While everyone else is sucking out any semblance of color out of fall, including mother nature, Ms. Bendet of Alice and Olivia is using any means possible to inject it right back in.

From bright red-colored butterflies, to sun-scorched orange fall leaves, the warm aura is inviting at Alice and Olivia’s store in Soho at 96 Green Street.

Alice and Olive at Soho (13 of 19)

Her use of sequin in this sleeveless evening gown with an exquisite backless cut out, shows an attempt to take in any and all color that surrounds the wearer and reflect it back to the world in thousand shimmers. And, color is light reflected.

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Ms. Bendet paid a lot of attention (or paid someone who did) to the shape of the bareback in this seductive gown. The shape is almost regal, like the window to a palace…. or a temple.

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The patterns on this neutral-colored sleeveless dress with the fur collar, emotes luxury.

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