So, it’s reported that this is Nordstrom‘s first in-over-a-decade branding campaign, which went live on February 8. Honestly, it’s a little hard to present, as it’s non-cohesive and disjointed, with several components. But, let’s try to streamline it all.

Nordstrom Brand Campaign  4

Overall, the encompassing theme is called “See Anew.” And, Nordstrom put together a short video commercial that will be shown on TV in markets across the United States. However, if you are looking for the pieces shown in the video, good luck! The “See Anew” link is buried at the end of And, when you click on the See Anew link, instead of showcasing the pieces in the campaign, it’s the creative forces behind the video you’ll be reading about. Two videos for the campaign were released on YouTube, on is 30s and the other is 15s.

Ultimately, the 2016 spring campaign is made up of a 2016 Spring Designer Collection (and has a second website ) with it’s own video promotion, a comprehensive contemporary Spring Collection with no video promotion called Right Now, then a special mini-collection with Olivia Palermo for the Gen X and above demographic with its own two-video promotion, a Spring Trends collection probably aimed at millennials with its own video promotion, and a beauty collection with its own video promotion.

Nordstrom Brand Campaign  2

Below, are a few looks from the 2016 designer collection. The look book is available here.

Nordstrom Spring 2016 Designer Collection 11

Nordstrom womens-all-designer-collections_slide2

nordstrom womens-all-designer-collections_slide4

Here is the complete look book from the 2016 spring contemporary collection. And, here are a few looks from the spring trends collection:

Nordstrom Spring Trends lace-utility_slide2

Nordstrom spring trends - lace-utility_slide3

If all that isn’t amazing enough, along with the above promotions, Nordstrom also simultaneously launched the promotion for the next Pop-In@Nordstrom spearheaded by the VP of Creative Projects Olivia Kim.

Nordstrom, just from this 2016 Spring branding effort and its website, appears to be a company made up many silos, with probably a significant level of internecine competition. Probably due to its size as a 13 billion Dollars company, they found it difficult to come together to create a unified branding effort. But, size is hardly a decent reason. The location of its remote headquarters in sleepy Seattle (think jumbo jet builder, Boeing), as well as the fact that it’s C-Suite is loaded with heirs of its founder, may be other reasons. With no apparent CEO and three co-presidents, it must be no cake walk to bring all the members of the family together to agree on their branding and marketing strategy.


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