Nike designers must be pretty bored these days. The shoe manufacturer has put on display in an exhibit their idea of what the future holds for sneakers. Some of these may seem pretty outrageous, but it seems Nike designers actually attempted to rationalize their design decisions. The upper part of all these designs is made using Nike’s new “Flyknit” fabric, which stretches and flexes around the foot, allowing for expanded movement.

Nike future sneakers 21

For the sneaker above, the reasoning behind it according to Nike is, “Taking inspiration from voluminous ’80s hair, this vibrant experiment in sectional cushioning turns a variety of Velcro hair rollers into a modular and, therefore, fully customizable tooling system that can be adjusted to the wearer’s preferred shoe density, height and weight.


Nike future sneakers 16

Nike future sneakers 7

Nike future sneakers 2

Nike future sneakers 4

Nike future sneakers 15

Nike future sneakers 18

Nike future sneakers 17

The designs are for The Nature of Motion, a Nike exhibition at Milano Design Week 2016


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